Are you ready for a new approach to how Utah is managed? One that begins with respect for the individual and your natural rights? One that believes in your life and your liberty, and that your ability to make decisions in your own life is far greater than the ability of any other to make decisions for you?

If you are, you’ve come to the right place! Doctor Daniel Cottam is the right prescription for Utah, today!

Yard signs will be available very soon! Put in your request now!

Daniel Cottam for Governor
Daniel Cottam for Governor9 hours ago
Sharing this tip from Rob Latham:

Heard this morning on Utah Public Radio that it is inviting telephone calls and emailed messages of support for political candidates during its first hour at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time on Tuesday, October 27th.


Given that this NPR affiliate has been largely silent about Libertarian candidates, it would be a good opportunity for supporters to call in. Or email in advance!
Daniel Cottam for Governor
Daniel Cottam for Governor3 days ago
I agree that Mr Trump has lots of cronyism in his background. But did you know that Biden has more? This information should help you realize that this is not a R vs D thing it's corrupt all the way through. Voting libertarian is the only ethical thing to do. Please click on the link and read what's available on Chinese public documents for Joe Biden and his son Hunter.
Daniel Cottam for Governor
Daniel Cottam for Governor6 days ago
Most politicians will tell you they have a plan for affordable housing.
They never tell you than none of them ever work.
The key to affordable housing is more housing.
My plan is to get rid of zoning ordinances that prevents housing and let builders actually build housing!
Then prices will come down all by themselves without a single taxpayer subsidy.
Daniel Cottam for Governor
Daniel Cottam for Governor6 days ago
We already knew this, and yet the Cox administration keeps schools closed or partially open while wasting kids lives and our tax dollars!
Utah there is a better way.
Let's protect the most at risk and get back to school and work!
End the useless mandates!
Daniel Cottam for Governor
Daniel Cottam for Governor6 days ago
A great big thank you to the St George News for their fair coverage of my campaign. I really like the title of this story
Daniel Cottam for Governor
Daniel Cottam for Governor7 days ago
Dan's message on PBS Utah!
Daniel Cottam for Governor
PBS Utah
For more than 25 years, PBS Utah has been proud to present Free Speech Messages, a series of campaign speeches delivered by ballot-qualified candidates in select races across the state of Utah. PBS Utah offers all nominees in select races, regardless of party affiliation, the opportunity to speak directly to Utah voters.

Here's a video from Daniel Cottam for Governor.