Can you help out by walking a block or two where you live? We have these door hangers that have been designed to introduce Dr. Cottam to voters, and all you have to do is hang it on the doorknob! Of course if you want to knock on doors and talk to your neighbors that’s great too, but it isn’t required!

Let us know how many you can commit to distribute! A pack of 25 will cover a block or two (depending on where you live, of course!) 50 will cover three or four blocks, and if you really want to get some exercise you can request 100 or 200! Whatever you can do is a big boost to the campaign, and to making Utah the kind of place we all want it to be!

Packs will be mailed direct to your address.

(Image shows both sides, and does not show the hole at the top where they hang on the door knob.)