My Platform

Health Care

My plan for making health care affordable for all in Utah includes the following:

Physicians should be allowed to practice across state lines, by making licensing reciprocal between Utah and other states. Our citizens should have access to the best the world has to offer!

Allow purchase of pharmaceuticals across state and international borders. It is not the government’s place to be protecting corporate profits.

Allow health insurance purchases across state lines.

Allow the formation of health care co-operatives to purchase group health care coverage.

Allow the sale of over the counter birth control pills. This will reduce the cost.

Grant Physician Assistants independent practice privilege, and do not require them to practice as a subordinate to a physician. Restore the front line of routine medical care, and reduce the cost.

Donations to provide care for the indigent should be made fully tax deductible.

Educate, not mandate.

End the death penalty

No state should be allowed to exercise a right that an individual cannot. We call for an immediate end to the death penalty. If the state is within its rightful authority to take your life, how can there be anything it isn’t allowed to take?

Utah has not performed an execution since 2010, and only that one in the past twenty years. Let’s leave the practice in the past where it belongs.

Environmental quality

Create tax incentives for electric, propane, and natural gas vehicles to promote clean air. The legislature must stop looking for ways to punish those who use alternative fuels.

Modern clean nuclear power should be promoted as an alternative to dirty fuels for our needed power generation.

Waive fuel and road-related taxes on natural gas, propane, and other clean fuel vehicles.

Repeal laws that prevent direct-to-consumer auto sales by manufacturers (such as Tesla). Eliminating the middleman benefits consumers with lower pricing. This is an important aspect of marketing for many clean fuel vehicles.


We will open an office of clemency. This board will make recommendations to the Board of Pardons and Parole. I will make appointments to the Board of Pardons and Parole with the intent to eliminate enforcement of victimless crimes, and get those who committed no crime against another person out of our jails and prison system. Knowing that we will practice clemency will discourage wasteful enforcement.


Allow and encourage more charter schools. Students are not identical, there should be many options available to suit their individual interests.

Allow students freedom of choice of public schools with the funding following the student.

Promote and expand concurrent enrollment programs in which a high school student receives college credit for certain classes, to help our students avoid unnecessary college tuition costs.

Families who home school should be paid $2500 for each home-schooled child, as an offset for the much higher cost of public schooling..

If a student passes a GED course, they should receive a high school diploma regardless of their age. The purpose of our schools is to provide an education, not to be an endurance test.

Privatize Liquor Stores

Cannabis sales and distribution in other states has demonstrated that private enterprise is the proper way to conduct business with controlled substances. The state is not involved in selling smoking or vaping materials and it should not be involved with alcohol sales. We lose substantial sales tax revenue when people go out of state to buy liquor, and stores are managed in a way that often serves to thwart consumer demand, favoring large multinational corporations over craft distilleries and breweries. State liquor stores should be privatized immediately.

Medicinal Cannabis

Allow individuals to consume their medicine in whatever manner works best for them, whether that is by ingestion or inhalation. The state should not mandate any specific manner in which a patient must consume medicinal cannabis.

Utah has been unforgivably slow in its implementation of medical cannabis distribution. It is time for the state to step aside and allow an entrepreneurial approach, which is working in every other state where it has been implemented. We do not need more bureaucracy, and we don’t need politicians standing between doctors and their patients.

Occupational Licensure

Abolish occupational licenses for any occupation that is not also licensed in the 49 other states. The growth of the regulatory state has made it dramatically harder to start and grow a business through occupational licensure laws.

All occupational licenses are to be recognized from other states and allowed to practice in Utah – much like a driver’s license allows you to drive anywhere in the USA.

Water laws

Water laws should follow free market principles, where an ownership right can be bought and sold. Water rights should not be “use it or lose it,” an approach that discourages wise use and conservation.

Voting laws

We call for the state to institute ranked choice voting in the general election, to encourage fresh ideas and greater competition while also insuring that those who win elections are supported by a majority of voters, not simply a plurality.

Filing fees to run for political office are far too high and disenfranchise good people who want to run for office. There should be a simple and very low fee to run for office – or maybe none at all, as Arizona has done. Financial barriers to participation in the political process should be abhorrent to all.